When common law or married spouses separate a determination must be made of the division of assets and debts. Parenting, child support and spousal support issues may also need to be resolved. Ideally you and your spouse will be able to resolve these issues quickly and amicably. If you want to try to resolve those issues on your own but would like legal advice before or during your discussions with your spouse we would be happy to assist you as needed.

If you and your spouse have reached a verbal agreement on the issues arising from your separation you may wish to retain a lawyer with significant legal drafting experience to draft the written separation agreement for you. The Court has the jurisdiction to set aside part or all of an agreement so it is important to ensure that your agreement meets the requirements of the Family Law Act and common law and has been drafted to minimize the possibility that it will be set aside by the Court at a later date.

Fee for Drafting a Separation Agreement starts at $750, plus taxes.

Independent Legal Advice

If you and your spouse have a written separation agreement we would be happy to provide independent legal advice to one of you on that agreement. Our fee for that service is $500, plus taxes.

Negotiating Agreements

Unfortunately, spouses are often unable to reach an agreement on their own as to how some or all of the issues arising from their separation should be resolved. We have significant experience negotiating agreements on behalf of our clients both at mediations and on an informal basis without the assistance of a mediator. We can help you to achieve a fair agreement that takes into consideration all of your current and future needs.


If a negotiated settlement of all of the issues arising from your separation cannot be reached we will utilize our significant court experience to assist you in navigating the Court process towards obtaining a fair and final resolution of those issues.

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