Parenting And Guardianship

Under the Family Law Act, only the best interests of the child are to be considered when making an agreement or order about guardianship, parenting or contact with a child. All of the child's needs and circumstances must be considered when deciding what is in the child's best interests, which include,

  • the child's health and emotional well-being
  • the history of the child's care
  • the nature and strength of the relationship the child has with each of the significant people in his or her life
  • the age and stage of development of the child
  • the child's views, unless it would be inappropriate to consider this
  • the impact of any family violence on the child
  • the ability of each parent or guardian to exercise his or her responsibilities
  • the ability of the parents/guardians to cooperate on issues affecting the child

The needs and circumstances of a child will change over time and parenting arrangements, whether set out in an agreement or in a court order, may need to change with them.

We can help you negotiate a new parenting agreement or changes to an existing agreement or court order that will protect your child's physical, psychological and emotional well-being, and the role you play in that regard, to the greatest extent possible. If an application to the Court to resolve these issues proves necessary we will utilize our significant experience advocating for our clients before the Provincial and Supreme Courts of British Columbia in seeking that order on your behalf.

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