Contested Divorce

Most divorces are granted on the grounds that the spouses have been separated for 1 year or more. It is not necessary to prove any wrongdoing by either spouse and the consent of the other spouse is not required although they must be served with the claim for a divorce. Divorce orders are usually not granted until all of the other issues arising from the breakdown of the marriage have been resolved such as the division of assets and debts, parenting arrangements, child support and spousal support. In most cases spouses should attempt to resolve these issues without involving the Court and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the alternatives available to you to resolve those issues.

Negotiating Agreements

Unfortunately, spouses are often unable to reach an agreement on their own as to how some or all of the issues arising from their separation should be resolved. We have significant experience negotiating agreements on behalf of our clients both at mediations and on an informal basis without the assistance of a mediator. We can help you to achieve a fair separation agreement that takes into consideration all of your current and future needs


If a negotiated settlement of all of the issues arising from your separation cannot be reached we will utilize our significant court experience to assist you in navigating the Court process towards obtaining a fair and final resolution of those issues.

Divorce Order

If initiating a Court action is necessary to resolve some or all of the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship an order for divorce will be sought at the same time. If you have resolved all of those issues without having to start a court action a divorce order can be obtained by a desk order as described in the uncontested divorce section.

To arrange a free initial telephone consultation on the steps and costs involved in a contested divorce action or to arrange a meeting with a lawyer to obtain legal advice on your particular circumstances please contact us at (604) 523-7090 or email