Cohabitation Agreements

If you are living with your partner or intend to live with your partner and do not want the provisions of the Family Law Act that determine division of assets and debts or spousal support obligations to apply to your relationship you should consider entering into a written cohabitation agreement which is essentially a "pre-nup" for common law couples. We would be pleased to assist you in deciding if a cohabitation agreement is right for you by explaining to you what your rights and obligations will be as a common law spouse under the Family Law Act if you do not have one. We can also assist you with all or some of the negotiations, drafting and/or execution of a cohabitation agreement as you require.

If you and your partner have reached a verbal agreement on the terms of a cohabitation agreement you may wish to retain a lawyer with significant legal drafting experience to draft the written cohabitation agreement for you. The Court has the jurisdiction to set aside part or all of an agreement so it is important to ensure that your agreement meets the requirements of the Family Law Act and common law and has been drafted to minimize the possibility that it will be set aside by the Court at a later date.

Fee for Drafting a Cohabitation Agreement starts at $750, plus taxes.

Independent Legal Advice

If you and your partner have a written cohabitation agreement we would be happy to provide independent legal advice to one of you on that agreement. Our fee for that service is $500, plus taxes.

To arrange a free initial telephone consultation to obtain additional information about cohabitation agreements or to arrange a meeting with a lawyer to obtain legal advice on your particular circumstances please contact us at (604) 523-7090 or email