Buying and Selling a Business

Since 1911, Cassady & Company has served the needs of individuals, businesses and professionals throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and the Lower Mainland. We are a diverse practice that is committed to providing our clients with detail-oriented and concise advice. Our firm is led by a team of dynamic lawyers who advocate for their clients at every stage of their legal transaction.

We pride ourselves in offering cost-effective and efficient legal services. We believe that by providing our clients with valuable legal advice, we can create a strong and lasting business relationship. Our clients receive direct attention from the lawyer retained and always receive prompt responses to inquiries. What sets our lawyers apart is our unique ability to connect with clients, providing in-depth knowledge in business law matters at a reasonable rate.

Legal Aspects to Consider When Buying and Selling a Business

There are a number of legal implications in the purchase or sale of a business, and these can give rise to difficulties if not handled by an experienced lawyer. When your best interests are not protected, you may face the challenge and expense of overcoming a dispute through litigation. At Cassady & Company, your interests will be fully protected from the moment we begin the transaction in all situations, including:

  • Buying a business: We will promptly identify what our client is buying and act with due diligence to verify that consent has been properly given for the property or good to be sold. We then ensure that the agreement is legally enforceable, conduct the appropriate searches, prepare the necessary documents, and complete the transaction (closing) and transfer of title and goods.
  • Selling a business: Our lawyers will ensure that the sale agreement is legally enforceable, work with the buyer's lawyer to complete the transaction and provide any information needed for that lawyer for due diligence purposes. Additionally, we will make certain that any outstanding liens or loans on assets that are sold are discharged.

Using a Wealth of Knowledge and Resources to Complete Your Transaction With Ease

Cassady & Company offers a wealth of knowledge and resources in business and company matters. We have significant experience in drafting business contracts in a timely and efficient manner, including a clear understanding of how to identify and effectively deal with potential challenges. For commercial transactions, we also have diverse resources that we may call upon, should your situation call for it. We liaise with other institutions and consult with outside expert resources in order to best serve the individual needs of our clients.

Contact Our New Westminster Business Transaction Lawyers

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